We offer two different services at Redeemer. There is an 8:30 AM traditional liturgical service and an 11 AM service that has contemporary worship with a more modern service structure. We also offer adult, youth and kid's Bible class at 10 AM.  If you have never been to a church service or have been in church all your life, you are welcome here.  We pray you will be able to find a service that speaks to you and allows you to grow or start your relationship with Christ. Below are three components that we believe shape a person to becoming more like Jesus.


Growing our hearts for the Lord. At Redeemer we desire to grow the faith of each person who walks through our doors.  Not only will people hear the gospel of Jesus Christ but our hope is that they respond to his desire to have a relationship with them.  We provide sermons, teachings, worship, small groups, children's ministries, preschool and many more opportunities to grow in your faith.


Transforming our hearts.  Jesus calls us to renew our minds and spirits daily several times throughout scripture.  At Redeemer, we believe when you are a follower of Jesus, your life can't help but show transformation.  Your joy becomes contagious to those around you as you take on the character of Christ.  We provide devotionals, prayer classes, confirmation, Bible studies, sermons and more to renew our minds and spirits transforming us to be more like Christ.


Engaging with the world around us. Jesus was our best model as he walked among us engaging with every kind of person.  People came from far away places just to be near him and hear what he had to say.  He calls us to do the same.  As a church and as a people we are called to engage and care for the world around us and his people. Our hope is that we can model ourselves after Jesus and show the world his love through our actions and through our relationships.  

In addition to church opportunities, we also offer a weekday Early Education program through our Preschool for ages 1 and walking through 5 years old.  Click here for more information.

Would you like further information about Redeemer or do you have questions about our services? If you would like to speak with a Pastor or Elder, please click here and we will contact you.